The Total Amount Recovered From Nguyen Van Duong

June 18, 2023 By admin Off

According to the General Department of Civil Execution, Nguyen Van Duong must execute the penalty in accordance with the amount recovered from his illegal gambling activities. Specifically, the amount to be paid is 1.655 trillion Vietnamese dong. However, according to the latest information, the civil enforcement agency has only recovered 315 billion Vietnamese dong and has not found any signs of Nguyen Van Duong dispersing or concealing assets.

The Deputy Director-General of the General Department of Civil Execution stated that Mr. Duong has some assets for execution in Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City. Currently, the enforcement agency has located these assets in Hanoi and is in the process of handling them. However, the remaining amount that Nguyen Van Duong must pay is still significant, but the volume of assets is not sufficient for guarantee.

Although there are many doubts about whether Mr. Duong has engaged in asset concealment and dispersal, Nguyen Thang Loi, the Deputy Director-General, publicly stated that no basis has confirmed whether Nguyen Van Duong has shown signs of dispersing or concealing his guaranteed assets. Therefore, Mr. Duong still has to execute the penalty for the remaining amount of over 1.3 trillion Vietnamese dong.

The individuals to whom Nguyen Van Duong must pay money upon arrest When executing the penalty, Nguyen Van Duong must fulfill the obligation to pay money upon arrest for the following expenses since the court order: Firstly, the cost of compensating damages to the related parties. Mr. Duong’s illegal gambling activities may cause damages to the security and confidentiality of individuals and related parties’ information, so he will have to pay for these amounts. Secondly, Nguyen Van Duong must pay the full amount of over 1.6 trillion Vietnamese dong to the civil enforcement agency, which can be in the form of money or guaranteed assets. Additionally, he must bear the compulsory expenses for investigation and investigative services, including examination costs, medical checks, transportation costs, agency pick-up and drop-off costs, trial session costs, and more.