2022 Tamil Horror Thriller Movie Diary on aha

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The south-Indian film industry is a popular film industry in India. This industry per year produces more than 250 films. They produced films of every genre, including Action, Horror, Comedy and many more.

If you are a sucker for exceptional horror films, then you need to look into aha, an OTT platform where you can watch new Tamil movies. Diary is one of the most recent horror movies produced by the Tamil film industry. The film is a masterpiece, and you will love the way the director presents it. The music and the cinematography played an essential role in successfully creating the horror essence in the film. Keep reading this blog to learn about the film.

Direction And Casting

Tamil horror movies are always a topic of great discussion. From the story selection to the execution, the industry never fails to amaze people. Such a film is Diary, directed and written by InnasiPandiyan. Starring Arulnithi, PavithraMarimuthu with Chaams, Sha Ra, Jayaprakash, and InnasiPandiyan.

Aravind Singh is the film’s cinematographer, and S. P. Raja Sethupathi edited this masterpiece. The wholesome music is composed by Ron Ethan Yohann and produced by Five Star creations LLP.

Plot of Diary

Diary is one of the most popular new Tamil movies. The film involves several mysteries and how the protagonist acts against all the odds.

A new police officer VaradhanAnnadurai (Arulnithi), takes up an unsolved murder case of a newly married couple. The couple were on their honeymoon in Ooty when they got killed. As the police officer paves his way to resolve the case, he gradually reveals several mysteries. Also, he comes across a series of unexpected incidents.

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